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Your smile is extremely important! It is the first thing that people notice on you. A white and bright smile can make someone feel better about himself and allow him to make a better impression on the others. Lifestyle and chronic habits can stain and discolor teeth. A lot of the things we do on a daily basis, such as consuming coffee, tea, cola drinks, red wine and smoking contribute to this. Bleaching improves significantly the appearance of your teeth. The Flash! Professional whitening system at a clinic is a safe, effective and very fast scientifically advanced procedure. In just an hour your teeth become white as snow.


Porcelain veneers are one of the most common treatments in Aesthetic Dentistry. They are ultra-thin porcelain shells positioned and fixed on the front surface of the tooth. “They are completely natural and it is almost impossible for someone to distinguish them from the rest of the teeth.”


Direct veneers are the perfect way to fix and restore any structural imperfections of the teeth. They can restore misaligned teeth providing a more uniform smile. Direct veneers can be fitted in only one visit to the dentist. Final results depend on the skills of the dentist in Aesthetic Dentistry.


A smile makeover may involve one or more dental works that will aesthetically improve your smile. Each smile makeover is designed according to the needs and desired results of each patient.


If the tooth is destroyed to the point that it cannot keep a filling then it is necessary to create a crown to fit exactly the contours of the tooth and cover it.