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The adventure of Fearless Little Tooth

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«Baby teeth are the very first teeth that grow, the very first teeth we lose, the reason for our very first visits to the dentist and of our very first stories about fairies and pirates…». Dr.Zenonos – The Dental Clinic within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, presented the first tale of the educational series “Adventures in Toothville”, entitled “The adventure of Fearless Little Tooth” by Costas Harpas. The aim of this story is no other than to entertain the children, to educate and help them realise the importance of oral hygiene and care the soonest possible.

Dr. Zenonos – The Dental Clinic has visited kindergartens and schools to share this story with children and educate them on oral hygiene. The tale is given to children for free and you can find it in our Clinic.

In a packed hall, flooded by smiles, Fearless Little tooth began his magic journey! Amusing activities, games and a lot of dancing made up the event for the presentation of the first tale of the new educational series of children’s books “The adventures in Toothville”. The event was filmed and part of it can be seen here!

NB.: The event was held within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Dr. Zenonos — The Dental Clinic.

Read the fairy tale online