General Dentistry

Paediatric Dentistry

This clinic welcomes all young children in order to provide them with the correct guidance
for effective oral hygiene and for any treatment. We aim to create a relationship of trust with children
so that they grow up trusting and not fearing their dentist.

The first visit to the dentist should take place at the age of 3 so that the child is familiarised with both the dentist and the dental equipment. Children will learn all about oral hygiene and will be educated on how to remove calculus in inaccessible areas. Therefore, oral hygiene will become a part of their daily routine. From then on, they should visit the dentist once every six months.

Pediatric dentistry involves:

  1. Preventive dental fillings
  2. Fillings in deciduous and permanent teeth
  3. Teeth exports and teeth cleaning treatments for children
  4. Dental fluorosis (prevention of caries)
  5. Root canal treatment for children (pulpotomy)
  6. Orthodontics for the proper guidance of eruption of the permanent teeth

The sole purpose of the Clinic is to create and maintain an excellent relationship with our little patients
as well as to efficiently guide them in order to prevent and avoid invasive dental procedure when possible.

Laser in Paediatric Dentistry

The use of laser for any dental treatment as it comes to children is completely safe and helps them overcome any phobias they have developed regarding their dentist. With the use of laser, local anaesthesia, and consequently the needle that scared the children, is avoided. The use of the dental wheel, along with its annoying sound and vibration, is also avoided.