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The Shiny Toothvillers and the Enchanted Galaxy

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«Hundreds of short, everyday stories, hiding thousands of secrets. Things found right in front of your nose but that always go unnoticed».

Dr Zenonos – The Dental Clinic, within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, presented the second tale entitled “The Shiny Toothvillers and the Enchanted Milky Way” of the educational series “Adventures in Toothville. The Toothvillers enter new adventures,” beneath the ruddy sky, surrounded by a …saliva sea, along with an enchanted galaxy!”

Through this incredible story written by Costas Harpas , Dr. Zenonos – The Dental Clinic, continues to entertain, inspire and educate children on the importance of oral care and hygiene. The tale is given to the children for free and you can find it in our Clinic.


The tale was presented at the charity event “Santa’s Workshop” at the Cultural Centre TRACASOL on December 13 & 14, 2014. At this event, Agatha Kyriakou read the story to all the children present, offering them the chance to “live” from up close the new adventures of the Toothvillers. The children got the chance to play with Fearless Little Tooth and even got to meet the … new star of the story and phenomenal dancer, Miss Incredible Little Tooth. A free copy of the story was given to all the children present.

The tale was written in Greek and translated into English and Russian. The author of the tales is Costas Harpas, while the idea, illustration and editing belongs to Orb Marketing and Communications Boutique.

Read the fairy tale online