Social Responsibility «43 smiles»

«43 weeks. 43 people. 43 stories. 1 purpose.»

Dr. Zenonos – The Dental Clinic and the author Costas Harpas present the social responsibility campaign “43 smiles!”. With an original, different and interactive approach to Social Responsibility, Dr. Zenonos – The Dental Clinic, presents and supports the campaign «43 Smiles!». The author Costas Harpas meets «himself» and another 42 people, who share a common reference point: They look life in the eye, they are optimistic, they share their story with a smile on their face and they put a smile on your face as well! Their stories, photos and special moments will be published every Friday on the website of Costas Harpas

( and on the Facebook page of Dr.Zenonos – The Dental Clinic ( The presentation of the book «43 Smiles!», will be realised in Limassol on Friday, October 2, 2015, (World Smile Day).Every Friday, Dr. Zenonos – The Dental Clinic, together with each participant, ensure with their contribution a number of breakfasts for children offered by the Multifunctional Centre of Ayios Ioannis o Eleimon, of the Holy Metropolis of Limassol. Once this “mission” comes to an end, and after the electronic publication of these 43 short stories,

they will be put together in a book by Dr. Zenonos – The Dental Clinic. All proceeds will go to help the Centre of Ayios Ioannis o Eleimon and the Team of the Holy Metropolis of Limassol in their efforts to prepare breakfasts for children in need on a daily basis. Both the Centre and the Holy Metropolis of Limassol strongly approve this initiative. The author and the remaining 42 friends that we will meet in “43 smiles” are sharing their moments and are eager to selflessly participate in this original campaign that began its “journey” on Friday, November 28, 2014 and will be completed in approximately one year!

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